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If ever you want to start an argument during a dinner party, but are fed-up with the staple diet of money, religion and politics, you could always call into action the increasingly controversial topic of the war against the “poor old motorist”. It seems as if there is always some state stick to beat the hapless driver with, whether it be road taxes, vehicle regulations, the cost of car insurance or the price of fuel.  Yes, it’s guaranteed to set the blood boiling and well before starters have finished!

In the Thames Valley region alone, thousands of motorists are stopped by police each week. The alleged offences range from the very trivial to the very serious. It is guaranteed that as the coalition between the police, the Safer Roads Partnership and local councils strengthen that the lot of the car owner will become a less than happy one.

Fixed penalty notices, “totting-up” points, larger fines, “punishment” driving courses and even custodial sentences form part of the weaponry now available to assist the traffic police, who patrol our roads like Wild West sheriffs, tracking down Britain’s most wanted.

Of course those who break road traffic laws should be penalised but the arguments in relation to the “ordinary” motorist will almost certainly revolve around the question of proportionality, necessity and the extent to which he or she presents as a soft target. Those who drive for a living and those who drive a lot of miles in order to carry out their jobs are particularly vulnerable whenever a “crackdown” is implemented.

Philosophical arguments and culinary debates aside, it goes without saying that both drink-driving and driving without attention puts lives at risk. Excessive speeding is not a thing to be condoned, nor is driving whilst using your mobile phone. Driving without a seat-belt is as irresponsible as “jumping a red light. The more difficult question however, is how should police use their powers to deal fairly and proportionately with them all?

It’s for these reasons that BLM has launched its new Online Motoring Defence Service.

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