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An investigation into “long-standing concerns about the affordability” and quality of legal services has been launched by the CMA. The Solicitors’ professional body, The Law Society has welcomed the review. An overly complex regulatory framework for solicitors is pushing up the cost of practice and over-burdening new entrants to the profession, compared to other newly-qualified professionals. Also, there is often confusion about the difference between a Solicitor, Barrister, Legal Executive and Licensed Conveyancer.

Almost everyone needs to consult a Solicitor, at least once in their lives, whether it be, for example, in relation to criminal law, debt issues, employment advice or family law issues. These are all areas that can impact on an individual both personally and financially. It is therefore important that people are equipped with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions. This has become even more important since the virtual demise of Legal Aid.

The legal services sector is a significant element of the UK economy. For a long time our lawyers have been the envy of the world. It is difficult to know how we can retain that exalted status if our services are not cost-effective. Consumers need to receive value for money so that the services of a lawyer are not only used as a last resort.

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