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One of our over-paid, over-indulged footballers has recently learned that domestic violence costs quite a lot more than money. Ridiculously he tried to defend a common assault charge after throttling his ex-girlfriend. He was quite rightly convicted and sentenced to a community service order which he “richly deserved.”

Equally ridiculously he then tried to dodge completing the outstanding half of his unpaid work sentence. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t complete the sentence he sought to argue. Oh, the burden of fame! “I’ll pay a fine instead” he generously offered. The Learned District Judge however was equal to his conniving malingering. “That would be no punishment at all” he pointed out to the player, who earns 30% more in a week than most of us earn in a year. A 21 day curfew was substituted instead.

“Foul” cried the player! A 21 day curfew would mean him missing awards ceremonies and celebration parties and end-of-season ‘jollies’. In other words it would be a real punishment. He promptly appealed this decision and was met by a dour Circuit Judge who agreed to quash the curfew but reinstated the original sentence, sagely observing that “we are back to square one.” Yes indeed. We should never have left “square one” though! The player surely mistook sentences of the Court as commodities that could be bought, exchanged or bartered. Actually they are not.

The Judge’s rationale for reinstating the CSO was that the curfew order would impact on the other players as well. Sadly he missed the point that the player’s domestic abuse impacted on the victim as well as others in her family. Also victims of domestic violence pay a very high price with the loss of their own free will. It is only right that perpetrators should too.


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