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The risk or the threat that you maybe taken abroad to be married without your consent or even to be married within this Country without your consent can be stressful, embarrassing and even terrifying. Forced marriages should not be confused with arranged marriages when there is the consent of both parties. Should you find yourself in this situation then Shamima Ali and Mayuri Sarathchandra here at Bastian Lloyd Morris, are able to assist you immediately. In an emergency ring us on 0845 450 1281.

We can make an Application to the Court our local Court (Luton County Court), for a Forced Marriage Protection Order. This Order can be made against all those people that you feel would be a party to the forced marriage. One can appreciate within ethnic communities where this form of abuse usually takes place there maybe more then one perpetrator. Furthermore, the Order can be made without giving notice to the perpetrator. They will only know of the existence of the Order once the Order has been obtained and served.

The Order can prevent you from being forced into a marriage and to escape from those that are forcing you to be married. Should the Order be breached then a power of arrest is attached to the Order allowing the police to arrest the person who has breached the Order. The person will then be brought before the Court within 24 hours for the Judge to decide what happens next.

There is help out there. Should you find yourself in this situation, please act quickly and contact a member of our specialist solicitors to assist you. We’re on your side!

Click here to download the Forced Marriage Act document.

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