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We offer a dedicated specialist service in the area of road traffic law where we defend against all types of road traffic offences. Syvil Lloyd Morris has practiced this area of law for nearly 3 decades. Motoring offences often result in significant fines, penalty points and even driving disqualifications being imposed. This is particularly common in cases of careless driving and dangerous driving. Most speeding offences are dealt with by way of a fixed penalty or a fine and points on your licence. Disqualifications for speeding can range from 7 – 56 days, or even up to 120 days in extreme cases, however disqualifications will not normally be imposed unless the actual speed is more than 40% above the speed limit. Click here for BLM Guidance Speeding Disqualification Calculator.

With more and more speed detection devices on the roads, the chance of getting a speeding conviction after a momentary lapse in concentration is higher than ever and also you could face the prospect of losing your licence as a result of the law governing “totting up” of penalty points. “Totting up” disqualifications are for a minimum of 6 months, although the court has discretion to reduce or not impose such disqualification if it would cause “exceptional hardship.”

In any event, we recognise how important your licence is to you and how losing it could have devastating affects on both your job and your family. Therefore, it is imperative that you receive clear advice on the options available to you in relation to the precise road traffic prosecution which you face.

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