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Sad Divorces Prevent a Merry Christmas

It is one of life’s paradoxes that the stresses that cause divorce, increase during the festive season! So along with the increase of festive greetings and good-will to all men, comes a decrease in family celebrations and ill-will towards ones partners or spouses! One of our solicitors has recently undertaken a study of BLM’s statistical data and collated the top 5 most common reasons that are cited as grounds for divorce during the months of November, December and January.

 Infidelity topped our list and curiously there were more divorces on this basis during the 3 months cited, than for the rest of the year combined! On the face of it there is no obvious reason why people should be more unfaithful toward their partners at christmas time, rather than any other time of the year! We suspect that office parties might play a more than a passing role, as well as alcohol and general high spirits, however!

 The next most common ground in our festive top 5 was lack of finances. Actually, this ground is the most common ground of all, if we take all of the divorces in a calendar year. It is perhaps not a surprise that couples are more likely to discuss ( and argue about) financial situations during the December and January months.

 Lack of physical intimacy was the 3rd most common ground, during these months. One of the most perfect antidotes to stressful situations is the feeling that we can take comfort from our partners. Remember the maxim “a problem shared is a problem halved”. This is obviously a variation of the next (4th) most cited ground, being lack of communication. It is however noted that a combination of all of the other factors which feature in the list may be as a result of lack of communciation.

 Strangely physical violence and verbal abuse only came out as 5th in our top five grounds cited during the “christmas period”. This may be because divorces on this basis are usualy pursued well before November or well after January.

 There are literally hundreds of reasons why a marriage might fail. With children, property and financial assets and even mental health consequences at stake it is important that you receive the right legal advice. Our specialist family team at BLM is here to help. Should you require urgent domestic violence advice, our out of office hours number is 07801 864326.

 The best advice that we can give for now is have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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