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Penality Points – the Lowdown

Once again the possibility of an increase in the national speed limit has hit the public debate circuit. Since 1965 the national speed limit has been 70 mph on otherwise unrestricted motorways and dual carriageways. The clear connection between speed and accidents appears to have somehow slipped under the radar however. The higher the driven speed the higher the risk of collision. Also the higher the speed of collision the higher the likelihood of severe injury or fatality. However, driving too slow for the road conditions can very often be worse than driving too fast. Whilst more or less every single driver who gets behind a wheel is aware of the connection between going too fast and getting too many penalty points, not all drivers are aware of the connection between points and accidents. There are 9 accident-related offences which attract 3 or more penalty points. The most serious of these is causing death by dangerous driving but there are several other offences that are less well known. For example failing to stop after an accident attracts a maximum of 10 points and parking in a dangerous position attracts a maximum of 3 points. Curiously, the very serious offence of opening a car door so as to injure or endanger a person is a fine only offence, not attracting any penalty points. The explanation for having committed this offence is almost always “I didn’t see him.” The connection between poor eyesight and accidents whilst driving is an obvious one.  Oddly, refusing to submit to an eyesight test only attracts a maximum of 3 penalty points!


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