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500% Increase in Female Abuse of Men

The word ‘hegemony’ is a noun which relates to the state of leadership, mastery, control or dominance, usually by men over women. Hence the expression ‘male hegemony’. It is probably the biggest single social phenomenon which prevents male victims of female abuse from coming forward. Such victims face what academics call a ‘credibility hurdle’. However recent statistics show that recognition of male victims of domestic violence and abuse is improving. The facts and figures highlight how widespread  the issue of domestic violence and abuse is for male victims. Between 2004 and 2014 there was a 500% increase in the number of women who were convicted of perpetrating domestic violence on men, in the context of an intimate relationship.  Roughly four per cent of men in the UK were estimated to have experienced domestic violence and abuse in 2014/2015 – around 600,000 victims.

However all of this positivity does have to be tempered with some sobering reflection. Men are still less likely to report domestic violence than women are by a factor of 3. Men are afraid of being labelled ‘cissies’ or ‘wimps’ and they are also afraid that being a victim is a reflection on their lack of masculinity, rather than the female perpetrator’s criminality. Men endure abuse for an average of more than 2.5 years rather than report it, and even then only 10% of men do so. All of this is a function of the so-called male hegemony. Also although there are organisations and support networks for male victims, the resources are nowhere near as prevalent as they are for female victims.


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