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A Spokesperson for relief efforts for the tiny British Overseas Territory of Anguilla (population 13,500) brought a wry touch of sarcasm in relation to the speed of the ‘Motherland’s’  provision of aid, in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. This had been cleverly characterised by the Spokesperson as ‘relatively quick’ but slower than the French and Dutch responses in relation to their overseas territories in the Caribbean. When answering an interviewer’s question “Do you [Anguilla] want to be dependent on Britain or independent?”, the immediate if not slightly sardonic response was “We’ve been dependent on Britain since 1650. We fought [an armed conflict with St Kitts and Nevis] to remain British in 1968”. If the issues were not so serious, it would surely have been possible to laugh at the speed with which the hapless journalist ended the interview! Maybe he would do better to more carefully research his questions next time!

Anguilla has exactly the same status as the Falklands, Gibraltar, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands. All British Overseas Territories depend on Britain for defence and disaster management. Funny that Britain had no problem at all remembering the Falkland Islands, and fought a four month war with Argentina over them in 1982. Hopefully, from now on, the British Government will remember all of the Dependants!

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