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I read an interesting ‘fact’ in the paper the other day. Boys mature into adulthood much more slowly than girls do. Apart from presentation, this is exemplified by many gender stereotypes. Males are much more likely to settle disputes with violence; men are much more likely to ‘celebrate’ violence. Recently, two of our so-called ‘stars’ have proved both of these assertions. Of course, there is the odd exception that settles the rule, but teenage girls seem to be so much more sensible than teenage boys are. Indeed, now well into his middle-age,  the author of the article challenged himself with the question, “Why was he a much better dad at aged 62, than he was at aged 26?” I cannot imagine a woman even feeling the need to pose such a question to herself, let alone accept it as being a factual accuracy!

The number of men who simultaneously are fathers of toddlers, as well as grandfathers of toddlers is steadily on the increase. It is no longer unusual for a 3 or 4 year old to also be an Aunt or an Uncle! However I do like the way that our philosopher of the piece has solved his own temporal puzzle with chilling honesty –  “When I was 26 I may technically have been an adult but had not set aside childish ways” Ouch! That truth must have hurt!

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