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One perhaps inevitable, if not entirely anticipated, consequence of the government’s lock-down measures, in response to COVID-19, is that reports of domestic violence have significantly increased. What has been described as ‘shocking statistics’ reveal a ‘surge’ in domestic violence incidents that has severely stretched the resources of the police and other emergency services, as well as domestic violence charities and specialist helplines. The country’s largest domestic abuse charity has reported a 700% increase in calls by ‘survivors’ of domestic abuse. A separate helpline has reported a 25% increase in calls from ‘perpetrators wishing to change their behaviour’.

Given some of the key causes of domestic violence – alcohol, drugs, poor mental health, long-term illness – the increase in reporting is not difficult to understand. A lock-down prevents both the abuser and the victim from accessing appropriate assistance, relief or protection. Victims have been stuck at home with actual or potential abusers; and as one domestic violence prevention campaign initiative puts it, ‘abusers always work from home’.

Now that the restrictions in relation to the pandemic of COVID-19 are being lifted, it is hoped that the unrestricted campaign against the epidemic of domestic abuse will once again gain momentum.

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