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The COVID-19 pandemic has not only resulted in more referrals to children’s services departments in local authorities being made, but also to more complex issues being reported.

The so-called ‘toxic trio’ of substance abuse, domestic violence and poor mental health has been exacerbated by pressures caused by the pandemic according to a Department of Education survey. This in turn has led to more cases of neglect, ‘unexplained injuries’ and ‘non-accidental’ injuries, self-harming, acute family crisis situations and escalation of risk in ‘problem families’.

There is what is referred to as ‘a clear and consistent theme’ of rising numbers of domestic abuse cases throughout the pandemic. Successive lockdowns and school closures has added impetus to the increase.

The pandemic appears to have given rise to a greater risk of harm as well as a risk of greater harm. This is significant when the myriad of complex issues presented by race, culture and religion are factored in. The ‘closed doors’ which have been associated with domestic abuse are often not opened until long after lockdown periods have ended now.

All of this has combined to put even more waves of pressure on already overworked social workers and other childcare professionals such as contact centres. As we come out of lockdown and things settle, even more referrals are expected.

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