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Is it OK for men in positions of leadership and power to cry in public? Before you accuse me of sexism, the question is a genuine one, based upon personal circumstances, and I do not seek to prove any particular point by not extending the question to women in positions of leadership and power. It’s just that President Obama has been crying again! Or ‘choking up’ – as he would put it – ‘tearing up in the middle of the day.’ The catastrophe in contemplation? His daughter leaving home! I have no doubt whatsoever that this is a heart-rending and emotional moment. I doubt whether there is a father in the world who does not understand or at least feel some empathy for his pain. But come on! The Leader of the Free World crying in public because his daughter is about to leave home! In public! It is not as if he is going to have any sleepless nights wondering if his soon to be adult daughter is going to be the victim of domestic abuse, or likely to fall into a ‘bad crowd.’ Also Harvard isn’t a bad university to go to is it? He doesn’t have to fear the worst when she ‘forgets’ to call home. Surely he cannot lack genuine confidence that she will be properly protected by scores of highly-trained, well-armed Secret Service Agents – around the clock. A Sunday Times columnist has amusingly described him as “the commander- in- chief of the new breed of wailing males.” Indeed. The leader of crying men who cry for crying’s sake.


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