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Having just looked up the definition of a ‘cougar’ I now note a strange but nevertheless interesting statistic. The number of women being convicted of sexual offences has increased by 100% over the past 2 years. Apparently, this is down to ‘a social shift in attitude as more men report sex crimes’. The so-called ‘believability hurdle’ for male victims of domestic violence, has no doubt been a contributory factor as well. Notably, there has been a meteoric rise in the number of female teachers being indicted for grooming underage boys. This may be a function of the so-called ‘snowflake generation’.  Strangely, because of the legal definition of rape, only a man can actually commit the physical act of rape, although women may be convicted of the offence because of the concept of participation. A good example of this might be a female member of a ‘gang rape’ crew. Also, of course, women may ‘aid and abet’ the substantive offence. The law in this regard has been described by academics as being ‘phallogenic’ or ‘phallocentric’, because of its preoccupation with the phallus in the legal definition of rape.

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